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Meet Nicole

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I’m Nicole.

I’m a transplanted New Yorker, a (sometimes) makeup artist, a (sometimes) regular artist, a dabbler in the art of hair styling, a painter of nails, taker of lipstick photos, breaker of chains and mother of dragons. . .  Wait those last two aren’t me, thats the Khaleesi.  Whoops.

I also really like food . . .and dogs.  If you have a dog I will wrestle with it and maybe ignore you a little, I’m sorry I can’t help myself.  If it’s a bulldog you’re really in trouble.

 Right now I mostly write about beauty, but maybe I just haven’t gone off on a tangent yet.  Time will tell.

This blog is basically me spewing everything I learn about makeup, hair and nails, because that’s what I like to learn about and talk about. What better way than to talk to the whole internet and hope someone is listening?  So if you’re into that, stick around.  Maybe it will even help some people out along the way, that would be cool!