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How to Heal Cracked Cuticles (And prevent them too!)

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So last week I wrote a blog on how to grow long healthy nails, and I mentioned how my nails changed drastically when I discovered how caring for your cuticles really affects the health and growth of your nails…but what I didn’t get into was how to treat your cuticles and get them back to normal if they’re already a mess!
Since I am a dope, and forgot such an important step, I figured I would dedicate a whole post to it.  It’s pretty important and deserves its own post anyway!
I have always had issues with my cuticles peeling, and it only get worse in the winter months.  I take steps to keep them healthy as I mentioned in my nail growing blog post, but even then they still crack and peel sometimes.  The difference is that now I know how to handle it so it doesn’t get out of control.


Ok so your cuticles are really cracked and dry.  They are peeling and they might even be bleeding.  They hurt and they look icky and you are both annoyed and embarrassed by them.  I feel your pain, I really do…

Take a step back for a moment and treat this for what is actually is…an injury!  The broken skin is really no different from any other cut you have on your body, except that the skin around it is a bit hard and chapped.

What you need to do is get some classic Neosporin ointment or any topical antibiotic ointment, it can be store brand too, just make sure it is the ointment and not the cream. I have tried both and and ointment works MUCH better.  Put a generous amount on your cuticles where they are cracked and broken and then cover each affected finger with a band-aid.

Leave this on overnight.  The  ointment will both soften the skin and help speed the healing of the area. What most people don’t realize is that the broken peeling skin often doesn’t heal well because it can be mildly infected.

In the morning when you remove the bandage you will be blown away!  They will be less red and the skin will be soft.

You can repeat this step a few times until the skin around your nails has fully healed.


To prevent your nails from chapping and peeling more, you need to keep them soft and also protect them from cold weather.

If cuticle oil isn’t enough, you may want to combine it with a cuticle cream.  The benefit of a cream is that it is thicker, so it will sit on top of the skin and protect it from drying out. The best method is putting it on after your cuticle oil, so it seals in all that moisture.

If it is cold out, be sure to put cuticle cream on before you go outside, and always ALWAYS wear gloves.  If you do both of those things, you will prevent them from becoming chapped up and dried out.

Also STOP PICKING THEM.  If part of your problem is a habit of picking at the cuticles, make yourself aware of what you are doing, and make an effort to stop yourself.  I know it’s so hard sometimes when there is a little bit of chapped skin hanging there and you just want to pick it or rip it off!  But think of how much they will hurt and how bad they will look later.

If there is an excess of skin, you can snip it off with a cuticle scissor when you have a chance, but never bite them or pick them off.

When my cuticles were at their worst, I began carrying a small cuticle clipper in my makeup bag, so that if I was out and a cuticle was driving me insane and I couldn’t resist, I could duck away to the bathroom and snip it off, instead of picking at it and making it worse.

Extreme?….Meh maybe, but it helped me get it under control.


So you’re out and you don’t have your cuticle scissor and they are dry, cracked and driving you BANANAS, what do you do?

Odds are you have one of these in your pocket or purse…

Or at least something similar.  Take it out and slather it on the fingers that are bothering you.  Sure you might not want to use it on your lips again after it was on your fingers, but a carmex or a chapstick is like $1-$2 tops so it’s worth the sacrifice.  It can become your designated finger chapstick from here on out, does that make you feel better?  Less wasteful.
What will it do to help?  It will soften the skin a bit, it will sooth the irritation a tad and it will protect them from getting worse before you can get home and treat them properly.
It took me a long time, and a lot of trial and error, but I have been employing this system for quite a while now, and my cuticles look pretty freakin’ good.
Lucky for you, you can try this without all the error!
I really hope this helps!  To those who don’t have this problem it seems silly, but it really can be an awful thing.
I’ll link all the things I use below, if you want to give it a shot!
Thanks for reading! <3

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10 Responses to How to Heal Cracked Cuticles (And prevent them too!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am so going to start doing this stuff! ive been looking for this for a looong time! thank you!!!!! ^.^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lifelong I have been dealing with this very thing, esp picking and some bleeding! I plan to use much of what you suggest and finally have healthy cuticles! Thanks so much!

  3. Erin says:

    Thank you! Mine are horrible , annoying, and embarrassing. Going to try all your tips.

  4. Kyndall says:

    I just recently saw this and have been doing what you suggested for only 1 week, and the results are AMAZING!! I have even bought a tiny toiletry bag to keep my cuticle care kit in. Now I can carry it in my purse to have at work or wherever I may go! Thank you for the advice!

  5. Kelly says:

    Hi- I just came across this. Mine are so bad. I have a bad habit of biting mine until they bleed. I am going to start this right away.
    Thank You!

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