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How to Get Eyelashes to Stay Curled

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How many of you out there have this happen?  You sit down and do your makeup, curl your lashes with a great deal of care and apply a coat of mascara.  Only to discover in mere moments you have a droopy, sloppy, un-uniform fringe of lashes just uncurled and mocking you in the mirror?

Lashes, you cold as ice…

For those of us with stick straight lashes, this gruesome horror story is a daily reality.  OK maybe thats a touch dramatic, but it really is frustrating right?

Truth is it is super easy to get your eyelashes to stay curled, with a just a couple of tiny tweaks.

First and foremost, get an eyelash curler that fits the curve and length of your eye.  If you are using one that is too rounded/flat or too long /short for your particular eye ball, and the way said eyeball is situated in that pretty cranium of yours, it is going to miss some lashes.  When you miss lashes, they stay straight which does not help you create that upswept frame of perfectly uniform fluttering lashes we all lust after.

Now you are saying “This is all very helpful, but the rest of my lashes are just going to plop down where they came from anyway! Stop toying with my emotions, you monster!”
Calm down! I’m not finished! Jesus…
Here is the real secret. It’s so simple you are going to punch yourself in the face…
USE WATERPROOF MASCARA!  Seriously, thats it.  That is the whole trick.

Think about it, if you do your hair and then you slap something watery on it will it hold it shape? I don’t think so, buddy.  It’s the same with eyelashes. Regular mascara is water based, as a matter of fact as I looked around the interwebs at various products, water is the first ingredient in most of them.  Waterproof mascara is not water based, and in fact it is meant to keep water out. So not only will it not CAUSE your lashes to droop, it will also keep outside sources of water (like humid weather) from drooping them as well! Hoorah!

Left: Waterproof   Right: Regular
Regular…look how sad they are.

If you are really serious (Read: Neurotic) about keeping them perfectly curled, like I am, you can curl one eye, apply mascara immediately and then curl the other eye and apply the mascara there.  (As opposed to curling both and then applying mascara to both, you feel me?)  This is helpful only for those of us with really stubbornly straight lashes, which might fall down a little in the time it takes to do the other eye.  If this sounds insane to you, I swear I actually have this problem.

A lot of people think using waterproof mascara will ruin your lashes because it is hard to remove and you will pull them out and blah blah blaaaahhh just shut up.  I have been using it routinely for years and my lashes are doing just peachy. And I REALLY go wild and get a whole mess of mascara on there too, we’re talking several layers here.  You just have to get a good remover and be a little patient.  Bioderma is excellent, but if you are looking for a drugstore item to get it done, I recommend Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton pad.

For those of you who have naturally curled eyelashes, go ahead and use regular old water based mascara.  It will do you just fine, except everyone will know you’ve been crying over that Sarah McLachlan commercial with the one eyed pug again….

So give this little tip a try everyone, and let me know how it goes!

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5 Responses to How to Get Eyelashes to Stay Curled

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you so much for the waterproof tip – so simple, but it REALLY works. I switched my mascara to the waterproof version (exact same brand and type) and now they stay put all day. Only trouble is getting it off! Ah, swings and roundabouts, as we say in Blighty.

    • nicole says:

      I’m so glad it helped! For taking it off I would recommend something oil based, it makes a huge difference! I just use coconut oil like I posted about HERE if that helps! A balm cleanser or olive oil would probably do the trick as well though. :)

  2. [...] I have mentioned before, using waterproof mascara will help BIG TIME to keep them curled.   So give it a go, and enjoy [...]

  3. Jessica says:

    I just moved to Singapore and waterproof doesn’t work here. The humidity is simply too much !

    • nicole says:

      Whaaaat? Omg that must be crazy humid! I bet there’s some sort of super heavy duty waterproof out there that only the girls in Singapore know about, lol! If you find it feel free to share what it is ;)

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